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Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office (OXO)

This phone system is the preferred solution sold by INtelephony.

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System Overview

The favoured system offered by INtelephony is the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office Communication System. The Alcatel-Lucent product has a long standing success in the Australian market place. The PCX product stems from a long heritage of advanced IP and networking solutions backed by reliable field proven hardware. Coupled with advanced technology is a simple to use interface that allows people with limited experience with phones and technology to master using the system in a matter of minutes. Additional capacity can be readily added to the system as your business expands.

This solution allows for additional growth and features to be implemented as and when required. The PCX system is a "Communications Server" that can provide telephone, advanced messaging, IP telephones and networking, LAN switching, DHCP, ADSL integration, email, and firewall services in the one platform. The PCX platform is a scaleable and modular system that allows for features to be enabled as required providing both flexibility and economy.

The OmniPCX includes smart and easy to use services - embedded voicemail, personal assistant, system welcome, automated attendant, and teamwork features - supported by a wide range of desktop terminals adapted to circuit or IP switching - Alcatel-Lucent Reflexes terminals - as well as a Computer Telephony solution called PIMphony.

Some of the OminPCX features available are:

Smart and easy to use services

Dial by name which allows a user to call a person using the natural and simple method of dialling their name on the keypad, 3-way conference calls, easy call transfer, voice guides to easily customize any kind of handset, softkeys and contextual icons on Reflexes sets, Manager-Secretary function for direct call and supervision, workgroup management providing set monitoring, call pickup, and unanswered call notification.

Embedded voicemail

Each OmniPCX Office system embeds a powerful and expandable voicemail, from 20 minutes standard up to 200 hours. Because voicemail is recognised as essential in the business world, it is available to any user, whatever handsets they are using, and even from a PC - with PIMphony - for maximum comfort and user friendliness. Other features include call screening and call recording.

Personal Assistant

The Personal Assistant allows a Reflexes user who is away from his or her desk to give callers a choice of up to 5 destinations: voicemail, mobile number, external number, internal number (secretary), or operator. This flexible call re-routing function is ready to use and easy to manage.

System welcome

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office provides various greeting features to optimise caller welcome. The greeting can be individual, or programmed on group or company level with management by time or for busy extensions.

The system provides music and/or a message on hold, while callers are waiting to be put through. An implicit 16-second music on hold (free of copyright) is available; the music on hold can be customized with other music on hold sources such as radio or CD (copyright may apply).

Automated Attendant

The automated attendant can be used to welcome callers 24 hours a day. It also represents a valuable assistant to the operator at peak times, automatically connecting your caller to the right department. You can also take the opportunity to broadcast information like opening hours.


The Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office offers a "Manager-Secretary" function, providing a manager with call screening, and manager and secretary direct call and supervision of each other's set. It offers workgroup management with single number, and featuring set monitoring, call pickup, broadcast and unanswered call notification.

Native Voice over IP (VoIP)

Alcatel OmniPCX Office is a native VoIP appliance. As such it is based on a call server running on LINUX, which will manage the IP phones or IP soft phones in the data network. In order to give access to the circuit world, the OmniPCX Office also provides an integrated Media Gateway, which is the combination, if needed, of circuit trunk boards and circuit extension board. The call server and the media gateway run H323 protocol to take into account standard H323 devices and to interoperate with Alcatel and non-Alcatel systems supporting this standard.

IP trunking - NBN Ready

OmniPCX Office supports the voice integration in an enterprise data WAN to reduce long distance charges for calls between sites. Phones can access the WAN through the OmniPCX WAN connection or directly through an external router. Whatever the connection method, OmniPCX Office offers an ISDN overflow and back-up mechanism as an option to ensure that calls pass through with good voice quality.

IP Telephony

The company can simplify its internal cabling by using the LAN to transport voice and data by using IP phones thus keeping a high level of telephony features. With the OmniPCX Office embedded DHCP server, moving or adding an IP phone requires only plugging it into any Ethernet connection.

OmniPCX Office supports a complete range of IP telephony devices:

    • IP Reflexes: a full range of integrated IP phones making Telephony over IP simple and transparent to the user
    • Fast IP Enabler: a plugware which transforms existing digital Reflexes terminals into IP Reflexes
    • IP PIMphony: a soft phone running PC telephony in IP mode on a multimedia PC.
    • H323 devices: a standard H.323 set or any PC with the right H.323 software (like Microsoft NetMeeting)

A company having employees working from home or in remote locations, part or full time, can benefit from remote IP telephony. Remote IP phones are managed by the call server in the headquarters and get the exact features as they would at the company site. A managed data link (leased lines, IP.VPN) is a good solution to link the sites when voice traffic is important and voice quality must be guaranteed. Internet connection can be used for occasional remote workers or mobile workers, the OmniPCX VPN then guarantee confidentiality.

Efficient & user-friendly digital terminals

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office provides you with state-of-the-art telephony features, and the on-going challenge is to make them accessible to users to ensure an effective and easy use of all of them.

The whole range of Alcatel-Lucent terminals has been designed to make you feel completely comfortable and to offer you an optimum use of all the services your OmniPCX Office can deliver.    

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