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Google Apps

Since the launch of Google Apps for Business, INtelephony have been the foremost regional provider of this service to clients. We were one of the earliest Google Apps resellers outside of the capital cities and have over 500 users on Google Apps right now.

We have managed migrations from Exchange 2003, 2008 and 2013, and from Mac OSX mail with minimal interruption and no loss of data.

Google Apps is an exciting suite of applications which includes:
  • GMail - the world's best webmail client
  • Calendar - for all your meetings, shared calendars and scheduling needs
  • Drive - holding all your files in the cloud and including:
    • Google Docs - a feature rich word processing application with all your usual needs, automatic saving and full Google Apps integration
    • Google Spreadsheets - a great spreadsheet app that again fully integrates with the other apps
    • Google Draw - for your graphics needs
    • and more!
  • Google Sites - create your own intranet and internet (like this one!) sites with an easier to use creator and great templates
Google Apps also integrates with third party apps that you can add in where required. CRMs, Accounting packages and all sorts of other apps blend with everything else to provide a fully integrated package.

For $5 / user / month or $50 / user / year and with the basic package including all Google Apps and 30GB of storage it's priced very competitively. Add in unlimited storage for another $5 / month and/or Google Vault for all your auditing needs.

See us for a quote on the migration and for details on how Google Apps can help your company succeed.